In a global, dynamic world most businesses become obsolete sooner or later. Therefore, current businesses need to be transformed, augmented or replaced. However, the high-failure rate of NBD projects is a troublesome experience for many companies.

CONTARIX provides a reliable systematic New Business Development (NBD) end-to-end approach to achieve new growth via core, adjacent or transformational innovation.

New business opportunities

We help identifying growth opportunities, developing advanced business models, creating attractive overall offerings for our clients’ current and potential future customers or markets.

Current businesses made future-viable

We help transforming and revitalizing existing businesses for sustained future growth, by using technical, commercial, and socio-economic foresight, combined with superior customer understanding, and holistic innovation.

Value extracted from underutilized assets

We help extracting value from currently dormant intellectual capital, underutilized capacity and other physical or virtual assets of our clients, via asset based innovation processes that identify unique capabilities, which enable better or new solutions to existing problems.

New Business Drivers

  • NBD Strategies
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Agile Front-end Management
  • NBD Portfolios and Roadmaps
  • NBD Power Teams